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About The Helpful Zergers Guild:
Founded in 2006, Helpful Zergers have been a Family amongst each other. We originally began on Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, and have moved on to other games such as Darkfall, Warframe, 7 Days To Die, Neverwinter, Firefall & much more.

We are as helpful as we possibly can be to Guildmates as well as we try "Game-Hopping" as a Guild, when we do get bored with Games or Communities drop drastically.
(Usually from a game going Free-To-Play or gaining Micro-Transactions.)

We are always looking to Recruit new members that fit our "Mature Language" & Nature. We do joke around A LOT & we use Raidcall for our Voice Chat.
Machizmo D / Apr 16, 2015

We Are Currently Playing "7 Days To Die" On Our Own Private Guild Server, Which Is Being Supported By Personal Guild Donations Via The PayPal Donate Button On The Right Side Of The Screen.Thanks To Guildmates' Personal Donations, We Currently Have...