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About The Helpful Zergers Guild:
Founded in 2006, Helpful Zergers have been a Family amongst each other. We originally began on Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, and have moved on to other games such as Darkfall, Warframe, 7 Days To Die, Neverwinter, Firefall & much more.

We are as helpful as we possibly can be to Guildmates as well as we try "Game-Hopping" as a Guild, when we do get bored with Games or Communities drop drastically.
(Usually from a game going Free-To-Play or gaining Micro-Transactions.)

We are always looking to Recruit new members that fit our "Mature Language" & Nature. We do joke around A LOT & we use Raidcall for our Voice Chat.
Machizmo D / Aug 06, 2015

ArcheAge is a free-To-Play with Instances & Open World ... depending on what you're looking for. A very in depth Game with only one draw back thus far."If you're Free-To-Play, as we are, you must be Online to receive -Labor Points-, which you use ...

Machizmo D / Jun 09, 2015

Ark: Survival Evolved Our new Game that will stick around for a while!This Game is on our own Server & has an initial cost of $25.After that, the only Monthly Charge would be set by the Guild's Standards, since we are Hosting our own Server, due t...

Machizmo D / Jun 03, 2015

We have moved on to a Free MMO & have plenty of Character Slots to start up with any of you. Vindictus is an Instanced setting Game with pretty cool Combat. Kind of reminds me of Dungeons & Dragons Online mixed with Tera (for those of you that hav...